Sustainable water treatment technologies with no harmful effects for man and the environment.



The Company’s distinguishing value is environmental protection. This is why Ecomarca’s water treatment process uses materials and ecological systems that reproduce the purification steps the water cycle already present in nature’s water cycle, achieving the same degree of effectiveness in the various application fields.


Ecomarca Srl is a company that has provided the best stormwater, primary water, waste water treatments and biosecurity solutions for over 30 years.

Innovation, sustainability, passion , professionalism, are the aspects that best identify the company’s work and which have led to guarantee the civil, industrial farm food and zootechnical markets water treatment plants characterised by the following features:

  • performance standards exceeding the most stringent control parameters prescribed by legal regulations;
  • state-of-the-art technology as a result of ongoing research;
  • maximum effectiveness and functionality applied to a specific problem to solve;
  • maximum energy efficiency.

The particular attention and care paid by Ecomarca to the environment is also clearly evident in its intense research and development activity. Such research, also carried out in collaboration with major universities, aims at studying and applying new technologies, in order to provide the best available technologies at all times.